Mt Carroll, Illinois - Pr·ak·tical Carbine

Who should attend?

  • Base level shooter (must be able to keep finger(s) clear from the trigger and trigger space when they are NOT on-target and NOT ready-to-engage the target) through advanced level shooter. No prior AK experience required 
  • AK enthusiasts looking to elevate current skillset
  • Those interested in ‘foreign weapon’ familiarization (i.e. LE, Agency)
  • AR shooters looking to improve via ‘cross training’ with the AK
  • Your friends who think an AR is the only way to go: AKs are not only very capable tools, but are also a lot of fun and become equally as desirable to shoot and collect
  • New or experienced Competitors interested in competitive use of the AK

The training will cover:

  • Adjusting and using support gear to meet the user’s needs
  • Foundational skillsets
  • Efficient and effective operation
  • Maintenance
  • Practical defensive positioning
  • Movement w/ communication
  • Comparison of traditional eastern operational philosophies and modern western techniques
  • Scenario-based challenges
  • Accuracy and Accountability: Targets will be routinely analyzed
  • Individualized coaching and feedback

Basic gear required:

  • Carbine
  • Adjustable 2-point sling 
  • Belt w/ mag carrier (minimum of 1 mag) 
  • Mag carrier (any type – minimum of 3 mags)
  • Carbine mags (minimum of 6) 
  • 1000 rnds (no AP/steel core, reloads, remanufactured) 
  • Knee pads 
  • Maintenance tools/lube
  • Food/water
  • Clothing appropriate to conditions
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Sharpie marker


This training offers a unique after hours and lodging opportunity on site. Spend time with your instructor and new friends, continuing the conversation of all things AK and more. For more information about lodging, please contact ‘The Site’ for availability and reservations at The Black Bear Lodge.